Articles and Interviews

Here are some links to relevant articles, interviews & presentations
PM Network March 2011 TIP
PMI Career Central December 2011 Avoid conflict with your project sponsor
PM World Today April 2011 The value and nature of project sponsorship
PMI Career Central, November 2011, At work with David West
PM World Today, July 2011 The role of gut instinct
PMI Career Central July 2011, Hot Project Sector
Video interview by Penny Pullan at PMI Synergy O2 November 2011
Bid Risk Presentation to Institute of Risk Management February 2008
YouTube video on Project Sponsorship
Podcast by The Lazy Project Manager on Project Sponsorship
The Elusive Project Sponsor an article for Wellingtone
Interviewed for Leading Complex Projects by Kaye Remington
Referenced in NHS SRO presentation
Book review by Jon Hyde Book review by Jill Dann
NCE Special – Risk Management in the Round
PMI White Paper – Executive Engagement – The Role of the Sponsor

Project Sponsorship, Climate Change and Mycroft published by Wellingtone


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