A couple of thoughts about #BREXIT

Something that puzzles me is the argument by leave campaigners that we must leave the EU in order to make our own laws. Two acts passed in recent years which have changed centuries, or millennia even, of the status quo are the Constitution Reform Act 2005 and the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013. As far as I’m aware neither of these were either initiated by or opposed by the EU. We already make our own laws and will continue to do so either way.

On the YouGov website there is some interesting information about the demographics associated with recent opinion polls on the UK electorate’s view on remaining in or leaving the EU. There appears to be no gender bias one way or the other. University graduates prefer to remain by 62 to 38 and you are much more likely to want to leave if you read the Daily Express or Mail than if you read the Times or Guardian. But age is the biggest differentiator with 18 to 29 year olds in favour of staying in by 63 to 37 and those over 60 in favour of leaving by 56 to 44. Depending on your point of view it may or may not be unfortunate that the over 60’s are much more likely to vote than those under 30. Quite why an electorate would want those with most of their life behind them to decide the future of those with most of their life ahead of them, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the village elder principle or the apathy of youth. I would simply urge all those with a vote to use it in June.


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I'm a Civil Engineer, Project and Risk Manager with an MBA. I will be using this blog to share my thoughts about a number of subjects of interest to me. I hope that you will find them interesting too.

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  1. catherine.owen283@btinternet.com

    Britain will not choose to leave the EU because most people realise in this country that the confident days that built our empire are now long gone. Our politicians lack vision and long term planning. We are no longer a confident country taking risks like were were at the end of the 18th century/early 19th century. The politicians realise this themselves but for some reason don’t want to face up to the truth.

    I am sceptical we will be informed of enough facts to make a balanced decision. Like recent general elections, do you read the manifesto and believe? Where is the list of pros and cons for each option? Where is the SWOT? Or do you read between the lines as usual? The idea we are all informed to be able to have an accurate view of the situation is a farce. The general population do not like risk and will therefore vote to stay in rather than gamble with their futures.

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